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I am starting this blog as a electronic way of tracking and sharing my experience of being an au pair in Italy. I was originally only going to share this with a few friends and family members, however my host mother today told me she wishes to show it to her future au pairs so I am going to start off by introducing myself for those of you who don't know me.
My name is Bonnie, I am from California and currently residing in Rivalta Di Torino, Italy. This is a small village about 45 minutes from the city center of Torino capital of Piemonte. Think base of the French Alps, west of Venice, and slightly north west of Genoa. In America I teach at a preschool, nursery school, or garden school whichever name you are familiar with. I am on sabbatical from there so as to be here from the beginning of February 2016 until the beginning of May 2016. Since I am not working for a corporation or enrolling in University I do not qualify for a visa so I can only stay for 90 days, as an extended holiday basically.
I have a very nice host family that I found on Greataupair.com.(I highly recommend this site if you are looking to become an au pair) My host family is made of Luisella & her husband Danilo, and their three children the oldest and only daughter is Letizia she is 13, then there is Vittorio he is 8, and the youngest is Giovanni who is 6.
I settled into a schedule here fairly quickly and easily. Danilo takes the boys to school in the morning so I only need to wake up in time to take them to school once in a while for whatever reason. Depending on the day of the week I start doing things with the children between 2:30 and 4:30. Each of the children read with me in English every night. My schedule looks like this:

Monday: free until I pick up Giovanni from school at 4:30, Luisella or grandpa picks up Vittorio and takes him to Catechism. Giovanni and I walk home, do our reading, and then do an art project or bake something yummy. So far pancakes are his favorite!
Tuesday: In the morning I go into Torino to my Italian language class in the hopes of picking up some Italian while I am here. The school I go to is great. I will post a link to them on the bottom of this post. Letizia gets home from school around 2:30 so we have lunch, and talk a bit before she goes to French class. I am then free until she returns because the boys go to English class after school.
Wednesday: I pick up both boys from school at 4:30 and we go homes so Vittorio can do homework while read with Giovanni, and Letizia.
Thursday: I go back into Torino to my Italian class. Some days I stay and go to lunch with the other au pairs in class other times I come straight back to the house, or wonder around Torino on my own a bit. Today when I go get the boys from school at 4:30 we will hang around the school for 15minutes or so before they go back inside for their karate class. Letizia will meet us there and join them. I walk around the village near the school or just read on my kindle in the hall while they are in class.
Friday: I am free until I pick up the boys at 4:30, today I take them to a drawing class after school that is a few blocks walk away.

Luisella is great, she found me two children to tutor in English one hour once a week each for a little extra pocket money. On top of them I now also tutor three adults as well. With the children it's helping them with their English homework because both take English at their school, and talking with them in English, making sure they know the meanings of the words they are reading. With the adults it's pretty much all conversation between us and correcting words, grammar and introducing new words sometimes as well.
Weekend are my days off. Sometimes I go places with the family, sometimes I go into Torino to meet up with friends and explore, other times I'm lazy and relax in the house. Now that it feels like spring is trying to arrive I'm trying to go out more. It was nice to be lazy at the house the first few weekends when it was freezing outside with chances of very cold rain or snow. Now that it's beautiful and only slightly chilly out I want to be out and about seeing this beautiful area!
I am going to stop this first post here but what you can expect from future posts are stories of the places I have been already, five and half weeks worth for me to get caught up on, and places I go in the future until I go home. I will add photos sometimes as well. places I go will include museums in Torino, festivals here or around, other cities in Italy, and who knows what else.

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