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Pisa & Florence

Tuesday April 12th, this day my plan was to take the train to Pisa and after that to take the train to Florence. Everyone says you need multiple days to see Florence and they're right you do need multiple days however I didn't have multiple days so I figured a couple hours cant hurt. Since I was doing this on my own time I decided I'm going to sleep in.

I don't know about you, but I hate waking up to an alarm. I love waking up to the morning sun coming in an open window. Which is why I left my shutters open overnight, and therefore woke up to the sunlight coming in this morning. Kay and her husband are being nice and letting me use Kay's old bike while I stay with them. I rode the bike through the village to the train station this morning. Italians ride bikes, and walk down streets like they drive: no blinkers, no telling you which way they plan to go, and it gave me a couple of mini heart attacks but I made it to the train station. I bought a ticket to Pisa, and off I went. When I got to Pisa because I knew I was on a time schedule instead of slowly walking around and eventually making my way to the tower I took a taxi. Thankfully it wasn't too expensive. I saw the tower, the cathedral and then bought a ticket to climb to the top of the tower. Even though you know it's a leaning tower, every single one of us was not paired for the slide that you do when you first step inside. You step in expecting a flat floor and your foot slides a little bit towards the right then everybody left because we all do the exact same thing. Going up the tower there is no way to not know what side of the tower you are on because it's lean is sharp enough that when you're going up the stairs you're like everyone slides this way on the steps, then you go around the curve and everybody slides that way on the steps, it was entertaining. The views from the top or fantastic and I actually did not know that there are seven bells on top of the tower.

Once I left the tower I caught another Taxi and took it back to the train station so as to save time. I bought a train ticket and one off to Florence I went. I think the best thing about the Florence's train station is that it's in the center of the city. This means it's very easy to get off the train and just go without having to walk a couple of blocks to a bus station, a taxi stand, or anything else, everything's right there. I technically have no time limit to return to Lucca however because I'm staying with a family that I know wakes up early in the morning out of respect I didn't want to get there at 10 p.m. I only have a few hours so I decided to use the hop-on-hop-off bus to ride around the city. In Florence the bus has 3 routes, one of them was an hour-long, the other two are an hour and a half long. The train from Florence to Lucca is like an hour to an hour-and-a-half on the train depending on how direct your route is. I wanted to get there at a decent hour. So I decided to take the one-hour route listen to commentary take pictures and then when it dropped him back off at the center Station I caught the first bus to get there for the other two routes and decided which everyone got there first I would listen to the commentary on that one and that would be it. Let me mention here that I do plan on returning to Florence one day and spending at least 5 days there to fully explore the city this time I just wanted to see whatever I could. Well I got lucky and the first bus to arrive was one that also goes around part of Florence but then it leaves Lawrence and goes to a tiny village up on the hill called Fiesole, so I got to see and here about there as well.

When the bus drop him back off at the center station, I walked across the street to the train station and used a kiosk to buy my ticket. Lines for a person were too long and the kiosks at the train stations in Italy are all the same; fast and super easy. They all offer you the service in at least five languages; French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, and there might have been another option. I didn't see the point of standing in line to talk to a person who may or may not understand me when in 2 minutes I could just use a machine.

When I got back to Lucca that night I decided I was going to take the bike along the wall to get back to their house instead of through the village because riding in the village was just crazy. Riding on the wall is beautiful plus their house is literally close enough to the wall that I can lean out my window and if I raise my voice a little bit I could have had a conversation with somebody on the wall. I absolutely love their house!!

A beautiful, quiet ride at sunset along the wall was the end of my wild Pisa, & Florence in one day adventure. People said I couldn't do it, or I was crazy to do it but you know what it worked out well enough, I had fun and that's what counts.

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