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Weekend get away to the shore

Friday April 15th I returned to Torino last night with no problems. I got a very warm welcome back from the boys. Luisella had messaged me while I was gone telling me that Vittorio was sad because Kay's sons had "stolen their Bonnie" so they were happy to see me. I asked Luisella if I could possibly get the keys to the flat in Ventimiglia for the rest of my time off (Friday till Sunday.) She doubled check I knew I had to be back Sunday sometime because the children have no school Monday and she would be away all of the next week working in Napolie.

Upon my assuring her yes I would return Sunday she left the keys for me. But then she gave me the children's schedule for Friday asking if I could pick them up from school and take them to a party afterwards until she arrived. I wasn't going far so I said of course I can get the children. Then she returned to the house a little before noon Friday to show me where the gift was, realized I'm still supposed to be off and asked her father if he could get the children. Their grandfather is the sweetest guy he helps out all the time, and even when I am at the house makes sure I'm comfortable being with all of the children before he leaves them with me and heads home.

I checked the train schedule, realized if I want to get to Ventimiglia before dark I need the next train. I packed very quickly, and ran out the door. The bus comes into Rivalta on the other side of the square goes around the town, and picks me up at the last stop. I saw it come in, thought to myself okay ten more minutes, 25-30 minute ride to the tram, and so on double checking that yes I should be able to catch the train I want no problem. When I realized F*** I forgot the keys to the flat in the house. I speed walk to the house(I don't run unless I really have to) grabbed the keys and as I was closing the door the stupid cat who was in heat and constantly trying to escape did. I had to catch her and get her back inside, which I managed to do but not with out getting a rather large scratch on my arm for my efforts. With the cat safely locked in the house again, I take off back to the bus stop and make it just in time. Damn I cut that close, thanks to having to chase down the stupid cat.

I got to the train station and once again used a kiosk because lines are huge to deal with a real person, plus the machines never ask "just one ticket? You are alone?" Ventimiglia is the last stop so once I'm on the train it's basically smooth sailing until I arrive. Once I finally do arrive in Ventimiglia I used Google Maps to see how far from the train station the flat is. It's a six minute drive or a twenty minute walk. The sun is going down, I don't know the town, neighborhoods, or anything so lets find out how much a taxi will cost. You can always walk up to a taxi driver tell them where you need to go and ask about how much it will cost. So far they have all told me a price that ends up coming with in €2 of what they told me. This taxi driver tells me €7, deal.

He drops me off on the one way street a little past the flat because its hard to read numbers on buildings. I walk back down the street a few buildings, and find my way through the complex to the door. Now what I didn't take into consideration was that there are like nine keys on this key ring and I need one for this front door. Fourth time is the try, Yay! Take the tiny elevator up and then I know it's the flat funky key for the front door. Once I'm inside though I realize there is no power, water, or gas. Damn I have to text Luisella to figure this out. While I wait for a response I open all the storm shutters to let in the sunlight, these will stay open till I leave. As I've mentioned I like natural light. Turns out in Italy flats have like three switches in the flat to turn power for that part of the flat on/off. So I go through and turn the power on to the areas I'll use. No need to turn it all on. There is a handle in the bathroom to turn the flats water on/off, alright water on. On the patio I have to find the box for the gas, I get that on. I turn on the stove and can smell the gas but even using a match I can't get the burner to light. Forget this, I'll eat the chips and crackers I brought with me for dinner. I never did figure out how to get the gas to work properly so the next morning I just shut it off. After all of this adventure I'm tired and call it a night. I'm not sure how sitting on a train for four or so hours can be so exhausting but it is.

*Saturday will be a separate post for my day in Monaco*

Sunday April 17th As I've said I like natural light so today I woke to the sun coming in the windows. After repacking the few things I've taken out of my bag, I decided to wander my way through town to the train station and take the first train to Torino. When I get there this time I end up with a train that requires switching trains part way through. No biggy, I can handle that. The train stations I've used are pretty small so you just get off the train, take the stairs down and walk one or two tracks over to the next train. I get back to Torino early afternoon sometimes, and catch my tram back to Rivalta to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in my room. I have a feeling the children may be a little wild tomorrow being home from school and no mom to tell them to behave so I better relax while I can. Plus after these last nine days of whirlwind traveling relaxing for an afternoon/evening sounds like the perfect ending.

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